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  1. zombie

    PHP: mysql() is being deprecated, fix your codes!

    If you code your own scripts, be prepared: php is deprecating mysql() - deprecation notices will start to show in 5.5 I just spent the past few days updating some sites and although it's a time-consuming pain in the butt, it's extremely easy. Even easier if you had the forethought to use...
  2. zombie

    Server emails failing SPF

    (Emails generated by logwatch, cpanel etc; not emails sent from my site's forms) are failing SPF. in Cpanel -> Email Authentication -> Additional Hosts that send mail for your domains (A): I've added "host.[mysite].com" Yet, in hotmail the emails are still junked: As well, this is ticked...
  3. zombie

    Anything I can do to improve response time?

    Occasionally, I'll notice the odd page on my site takes an extra bit to load. There is caching on the most intensive queries already, databases optimized, thumbnails for large images, etc. One visit, the page loads ultra fast; next visit (to the same page) there's a bit of a lag. HTTPS seems to...
  4. zombie

    Cpanel, WHM, Webmail load slowly...

    But once I'm in, speed is decent. How can I speed up the initial page hit? - I've emptied & lower the limit to cpanel logs. - A cpanel forum topic suggested the theme should be changed, did that; definitely a noticible increase inside the functions! But I cannot figure out how to change the...
  5. zombie

    Prevent mail from sending OUT?

    In cpanel, I know there's a filter that allows you to specify something like 'if body contains THIS, then delete' - but can you do that with OUTGOING mail too? I use CSF to filter bad traffic, and there's a scraper hounding one of my images from multiple IPs. Anytime 1 IP gets banned, he tries...
  6. zombie

    How Long??

    How long does it take to get new IPs added to my server? I've been waiting nearly 8 hours and support just says "some time tonight."