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    Looking for KH management

    Hey all Can someone tell me how to contact KH management? I see a few KH staff on these forums, but I specifically want to contact someone in management. Thanks PM
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    Mobile email software

    Hey all, I have an increasing number of clients trying to access their emails via mobile technology, such as Iphones, mobile phones etc. Are there any email packages I could load on my VPS to give mobile access ie: pages designed for mobile access so that the entire page doesn't scroll into...
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    Diskspace blowout

    Hey all, My diskspace is gradually increasing and I need to reign it in. Any suggestions on where I delete unnecessary files? I've got logs under control and by my calculations I should have several gig free, but I'm up to 93% (of my 10 gig). Thanks Pete
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    vz01-la issues?

    Hey all, I'm currently experiencing intermittent load issues on vz01-la - I've submitted a support ticket, but every time I've had load issues in the last 12 months it has always been server wide ie: affecting all VPS's on the node. Is anyone else on that node having load issues? Pete
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    Procedure for upgrade to hybrid

    Hey all, If I go for a hybrid upgrade from my current VPS (In the LA DC) - - do I keep the same IP addresses? The reason I ask is that I have just inflicted an IP change on my users when I moved into the LA DC and I don't want to do it again. - is it a straight upgrade done entirely by...
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    Help with Email errors

    Hey all, I've got a client who is having trouble sending to one particular domain. He keeps getting the following error: Reporting-MTA: dns; Content-Type: text/plain Final-Recipient: rfc822; Action: delayed Status: 4.0.0...
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    VPS ---> Hybrid ?

    Hey all, Has anyone made the move from a Cpanel VPS to a Cpanel Hybrid? If so, what sort of grunt does a hybrid have in comparison to a VPS? I know it's like asking how long is a piece of string, but I'm after some real life examples of people who have done it. I currently have 2 VPS...
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    Tracking high loads at certain time of the day

    Hey all, For about 22 hours a day my CPanel VPS runs brilliantly, however once a day, just after 5 pm (Australian DST) the server load goes up. I've logged a support ticket but nothing was found (and apparently the loads are within acceptable range). The loads only go up to about 2.5 - 3...
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    Mail not being forwarded to Gmail

    Hey all, I've got a user who has set up an email account (mailbox) plus a forwarder on the same email. Therefore emails come to the server and also get forwarded to his account at gmail. The emails are being received in his mailbox, but he tells me he's not getting it at his gmail account...
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    My VPS experience....

    Hey all, There isn't much purpose to this post other than to give KH a pat on the back. I originally got a VPS (Ca datacentre) a few months back, mainly as a means of backing up my 'main' VPS which was hosted elsewhere. Not long after getting here, I realised that the performance and speed...
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    Upgrading account

    Hey there, This is my first post here, so first things first, "G'day" to you all. I signed up a few weeks ago on a VPS Mca package, using the special of 1/2 price for 2 months, then 10 percent discount for the life of the account. I'm so happy with the service here that I'm looking at...