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  1. KH-Derrick B.

    Pls guide me install mailparse

    Hi there -- you should be able to install 'mailparse' with PECL, but you may need to install 're2c' for that particular extension. The extension would also need to be added to the appropriate version's php.ini file so that PHP would load the module. You can always open a ticket with our...
  2. KH-Derrick B.

    Fake / Spoofed cPanel TSR Announcements

    We've seen a few instances of FAKE cPanel TSR [security] announcements being received -- here's an example on Reddit, followed by a post from cPanelPhil: -- -- cPanelPhil[M] [score hidden] 14 hours ago* stickied comment I can confirm...
  3. KH-Derrick B.

    ConfigServer - CSF change to configuration (Country Code lookups (CC_LOOKUPS))

    ConfigServer released CSF v14.00 today, which can make use of alternate GeoIP databases: # 2. DB-IP,, # # Advantages: The databases form CC blocking are better optimised # and so are quicker to process and create fewer iptables entries. All of these #...
  4. KH-Derrick B.

    Upgrade from Legacy or not?

    The KernelCare notice on OpenVZ servers is actually a cPanel bug -- it's been reported as fixed in WHM v78.0.3, but I'd recommend waiting until v78 hits stable before upgrading.