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  1. phpAddict

    I'm curious, how much has cPanel's price increase affected it's user base... KnownHost anyway. I decided to stick with cPanel, at least for now. Until I have the time to invest in checking out DirectAdmin. I didn't want to make any drastic changes until I'm sure everything will go smoothly.
  2. phpAddict

    Global Email Filters

    So I have a client that's been getting the same virus over and over, it has an Inquiry.doc attachment. I've easily blocked attachments before simply by creating a Global Email Filter such as... and it works fine. Though this screenshot is from a server running v66.0.35 On another server I...
  3. phpAddict

    Anyone ever use PrestaShop? Thoughts on it?

    Looking to develop a custom eCommerce site and looking at other options besides WP/Woocommerce. I came across It looks very nice and well built. Loads of built in features that WordPress would require dozens of plugins to match. Has a good size community. Many plugin/module...
  4. phpAddict

    Adding Jetty Servlet Container to Apache

    Morning Everyone, I need to add Jetty to a new VPS I just set up here, since Tomcat is now gone with CentOS 7, but before I do that manually I saw several Jetty RPMs already in WHM. I'm unsure of what they are or which (if any) are the Jetty servlet container. Google just returns dated material...
  5. phpAddict

    How to setup failover to second modem for high availability websites

    Hi everyone, This is regarding networks with self hosted websites outside of KH. Most of my clients just have 1 site which I'd normally host through KH, or have a few non-critical sites that they're fine with being down in the event of an ISP issue. However, one client of mine has websites...
  6. phpAddict

    If you want a laugh

    I came across this site and it gave me several chuckles. I'm sure it will you too...
  7. phpAddict

    Stop WordPress Brut Force Attacks Automatically Using ModSecurity ConfigServer

    With so many of my accounts being WordPress sites these days I was constantly being alerted by CSF of excessive resource usage on wp-login.php pages several times a day. Even though I have plugins installed that ignore logins after a few failed attempts, hackers wouldn't notice that or the...
  8. phpAddict

    I'm reaching out for help with a painful MS SQL Server / AD issue

    So I know this isn't related to KH but I have a client that has a program using a MS SQL DB server that ties in (or is supposed to tie in) with Active Directory and am looking for help anywhere available. I've exhausted every possible solution I can think of and the issue still remains. The...
  9. phpAddict

    New Social Media Website / Facebook App

    Several months ago a good friend of mine approached me with an idea about a new type of social media website. Users answer questions anonymously about each other, the questions are compiled, and an overall score is given as an attribute based on those answers. Users get to find out how their...
  10. phpAddict

    lfd File Change Detection

    Has anyone applied Ifd's file change detection to a website? I was just wondering if I could apply Ifd's file change detection on to the public_html folder of a website. That way it would allow me to maintain security on a client's poorly programmed website and alert me if any programming...
  11. phpAddict

    Happy Holidays!!!!

    Wishing everyone here on the boards and all of you at KH a very Happy Holiday! Keep my servers up so I can enjoy it :p
  12. phpAddict

    Updating OpenSSL on CentOS

    Hey all, So I have a personal CentOS server I put together for ColdFusion, and OpenSSL only allows yum update to version 1.0.1e which is vulnerable. Why doesn't it allow an upgrade to at least 1.0.1g?!?!? :confused: I see that CentOS servers here at KH are up to date. Anyone know how and where...
  13. phpAddict

    udp connections from ip address

    So this morning I've received two emails from lfd saying " (-/-/-) blocked with too many connections" Below is the body of the message. I feel I've become fairly familiar with lfd and I've seen IP addresses get blocked but not a blank IP address. Also, I've never seen too many...
  14. phpAddict


    So me being a PHP addict, I'm not at all familiar with ColdFusion. I have a large prospect that had a complex web app developed in CF and they're looking to change hosts. I've been reading about CF and how to get it working on CENTOS but some say it's a resource hog which I don't like at all. I...
  15. phpAddict

    ConfigServer Plugin Questions/Suggestion

    So I love how the system auto-bans connections. Saves me a lot of time trying to find @$$hole hackers. However, it mainly only applies to cpanel/whm logins, webmail/pop/smtp logins, and ftp login attempts, correct? I receive constant emails about "Excessive resource usage" and I find that 90%...
  16. phpAddict

    Happy Father's Day

    Since the forum's been a little slow lately, I wanted to post something unrelated. To all you techie father's out there, like me, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! :D My little one, Amelia, is a little over a year and a half old. How old are your kids?
  17. phpAddict

    New Server getting SMTP Errors

    New dedi server less than a week old. Get's 550 Denied by policy errors when trying to send emails to a select group of hosts. The ones I've noticed mostly are Microsoft accounts, AOL, AT&T, and an insurance company Auto Owners. And, Auto Owners even whitelisted my IP and it's still failing...
  18. phpAddict

    Hello KnownHost! Goodbye Old Host!

    Hello Everyone, I've finally had it with my old provider (Who'll remain nameless *cough* HG) so I've finally decided to make the switch to KnownHost. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not just switching to KH entirely out of need, I've had my eye on KH for several months. I've just been with my...