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  1. KH-JonathanKW

    Guides for DirectAdmin?

    We've written guides with screenshots for almost every function of DirectAdmin: Some examples:
  2. KH-JonathanKW

    Upcoming changes to legacy MVPS package

    Feel free to play with DirectAdmin to get a feel of things prior to pulling that trigger. We have written articles covering most features within DirectAdmin: Should help people get familiar with it.
  3. KH-JonathanKW

    Delay in support ticket response after VPS hosting purchased

    Hey there, Ticket #1275740 started off as a live chat, when no reply, it was then forwarded and submitted to the Sales department, which does not follow the same 24/7 availability as what our Support department does. Billing and Sales are open 7AM-7PM Central Standard Time. As such, any...
  4. KH-JonathanKW

    migrating mail accounts from cPanel to DA using rsync?

    I'm pretty sure we've tried various methods of this and nothing was ever able to be performed as seamless as what we had wanted it too. In both situations, regardless of how it was done -- I believe the mail client downloaded emails regardless simply because the method cPanel handles Dovecot...
  5. KH-JonathanKW

    Which plan is right for me - forum website with XenForo

    Heya, There isn't enough information within the initial question this user asked to provide any package suggestions. The Sales Department should be reached out to in order to inquire into potential packages like this. We'd need to know more information in regards to what the setup should be...
  6. KH-JonathanKW

    How can I find out the features of my KH package?

    Heya, There is no current public area to review previous plans -- the Sales Department should be contacted for any information on your current package and they'd be able to provide you current vs new offerings. For reference, however MVPS-3: vCPU Cores: 4 Guaranteed RAM: 6GB SSD Storage...
  7. KH-JonathanKW

    Premium SSL Certificates Now Available!

    OV Wildcards do exist, as listed on our website:
  8. KH-JonathanKW

    Premium SSL Certificates Now Available!

    That'd be the EV/OV Certificates depending on how much detail is needed. See here: If they just need the organization name then an OV should be fine -- but if they need that + more such as business ID, etc -- then an...
  9. KH-JonathanKW

    MX records for subdomain to external server... ?

    I'm glad to hear that it's working!
  10. KH-JonathanKW

    MX records for subdomain to external server... ?

    MX records are only for specifying which server is going to handle the 'incoming' email, i.e which server receives emails for that domain. It doesn't affect what servers send mail for that domain. The web app can send emails for '' but the SPF and DKIM Records for '' need...
  11. KH-JonathanKW

    Question about hosting a .net site.

    You might need to find a webhost that supports .aspx -- these would usually be shared hosts that are running Windows. Linux/cPanel/DA can be setup to to use .aspx via third party configurations , however, it's harder to support due to it not being natively supported by the control panels. As...
  12. KH-JonathanKW

    How to setup a cpanel account for shared hosting

    Heya. You should be submitting a support ticket if you're not able to utilize the ReCAPTCHA to remove the block yourself. We utilize a service that provides that screen so that users who get blocked on shared can remove their own IP blocks Passing the bot checker and clicking "Unblock" would...
  13. KH-JonathanKW

    Basic hosting question

    Yup, we don't provide any licenses for forums, Xenforo is a paid application and does require a paid license from them.
  14. KH-JonathanKW

    Basic hosting question

    Hey there You're able to install as many web forums as you want as any web forum can be installed on a subdomain. The only downside is if you plan for each of those web forums to be active within a single account, as this could easily tie up the resources allocated to that account and...
  15. KH-JonathanKW

    PSA: cPanel Transfer Tool (Express Transfer) Change

    Hey folks, I know that some of our customers like to perform their own migrations with cPanel's WHM Transfer tool between their own cPanel servers. I want to advise everyone who isn't already aware regarding an upcoming change to this tool in WHM & cPanel v90. For the unaware: WHM Transfer...
  16. KH-JonathanKW

    Computer builds?

    That's an RGB LED Rope light, it ended up going around my desk, unsure if I like it yet -- still undecided:
  17. KH-JonathanKW

    Large backups to S3

    Were you using JetBackups with Amazon's S3 service or some other service?
  18. KH-JonathanKW

    Maximum quota of mailbox

    I'm glad I was able to help. Do be sure to let us know if you ever experience issues with your quotas, however -- we will check into it for you. :)
  19. KH-JonathanKW

    Computer builds?

    I recently upgraded my own computer at home, the previous build that I started this thread with was built in 2011. I've jumped on the AMD bandwagon when it came to CPU's, though. New Specs: Primary Monitor: 27" Acer XG270 HU 2560x1440 Secondary Monitor: 27" Acer S271HL Tertiary Monitor: 27"...
  20. KH-JonathanKW

    Maximum quota of mailbox

    Mailbox quotas rely on the package limitations of the shared plan since mailbox quotas get set by the user within the cPanel account. For example: The Basic Shared Hosting package has 5GB. The user under this package would be able to set mail quotas for their individual mailboxes up to 5GB...