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  1. JoseDieguez

    Backup solutions r1soft / bacula4hosts / others

    Hi, everyone, i just wanted to know, wich solution do you use? I have a dedicated with r1soft, and my experience has been average, since i am considering getting vps's, and looking other options, i have read about bacula4hosts. Does anyone has used bacula4hosts? any feedback?. I am looking...
  2. JoseDieguez

    Suggestion "Ticket Rating/Satisfaction"

    Hello, First, escuse me, my english is not my native language. I realized that every ticket has a "Overall Satisfaction" to rate the ticket, but i think it could be more notorious, since i missed it in many many tickets, so i have many tickets unrated even tough i received an amazing support...
  3. JoseDieguez

    Feedback of migration to Knownhost

    Well, i feel like i have to give some Feedback about my recently migration from another Hosting provider to KnownHost, and also, about the Performance of my actual SSD-VPS2 At first, i was very nervious because i have never migrated from Hosting, and i have a little of 40+ accounts, using...