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    safe mode

    I doubt it. It's usually set for the whole server and loads of scripts won't work with it turned on. Sometimes you can add a php.ini file in your webroot I would think it's turned off here though as it's a bit of a security risk.
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    Wordpress DB problem for Addon subdomain

    Sounds odd. You don't need to load the install.php file directly. You should just be able to go to and then enter the details. Did you grant access for the user to the database?
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    Automated PayPal Billing...

    Yeah, they set up a special type of account and pretty much skip over it. They also force it to be linked to a card, which I hate and kind of nulls the entire point of using Paypal for me.
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    *Bug* vB Profile Bug

    Hi, I noticed in 'my profile' here on the forums that you have four custom fields marked "realname"