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  1. Steven Avery

    the deals that pay a year in advance

    I have a forum that I am migrating a small board, like a research blog, from vBulletin to Xenforo. At the same time I am moving it from Siteground ... very possibly to KnownHost. The KH30DEAL is very nice for VPS, however I am not a fan of being pressured to buy a year...
  2. Steven Avery

    quite impressed - looking for points to compare

    Hi, First, KnownHost has a fine rep around the web. Kudos. Right now I have a UK host for a vBulletin forum that in the short-long run I would like to bring over, and a local host that is too pricey, prices going up over 50mb that I can not use and may have to leave. I could not even install...