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    My outgoing email goes to bulk or junk folder.

    Hi, I send a test email to my yahoo, gmail, hotmail, and aol email account from Outlook Express. The email on gmail goes to inbox, but the other 3 marks it spam and was in the bulk/junk folder. I have setup SPF and reverse DNS records. I have ran dnsstuff and got 1 failure and 1 warning...
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    Help with DNS and Dedicated IP setup

    I have three ip address. The first two are set as my nameservers. The 3rd is used as a dedicated ip address for SSL for a commerce site. example: = = = I have 2 questions that I need help with. 1)...
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    Dedicated IP address setup

    I signed up for the VPS with 2 IPs. I set up the IPs to and The first ip is used for shared hosting and runs smoothly. I tried to create a new account and need this to have a dedicated IP. When I try to create the new account, it states: Account Creation Status...