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    25% of CPU for over 90 sec?

    Im a bit confused about this. How would we know were using 25 %+ of the cpu at a given time. I know when im checking the VZPP panel it shows CPU Usage. Most of the time its below 40, but rarely below 25 %. Is there something else i should be looking at or is this the correct meter? I def. dont...
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    Do you have a windows VPS?? If not theres no need.
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    THE AUP/TOS- 1 Question

    Thanks, this VPS is nice and fast compared to my last.
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    virtuozzo firewall

    I never used this before and i just notice theres something called, "firewall". Now in the past i've setup APF on my VPS and its work just fine. Now if i turn on "Normal firewall mode" would it help lock down ports. Or am i better off using APF. thanks.
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    THE AUP/TOS- 1 Question

    Thanks. I signed up. Just waiting now.
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    THE AUP/TOS- 1 Question

    1 question: KnownHost doesn't allow porn on there servers. You may not publish or transmit via this host service any content that reasonably believes: * constitutes child pornography; * constitutes pornography; So, if a member on one of my forum posts 1 picture of a naked lady thats...