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    Awstats for subdomain no longer works following DirectAdmin update

    Hi. I noticed a while back after a DirectAdmin autoupdate that I now get a "file missing" page in awstats for my subdomains. Awstats for the primary domain, however, continues to work normally. Please advise. Thanks!
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    Restrict phpmyadmin by IP

    Hello! I'm looking at options for securing phpmyadmin and was wondering: What is KH's recommended method for restricting phpmyadmin by IP address? Thanks!
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    change phpmyadmin url

    Hello, I've noticed a lot of hits on domain/phpmyadmin and would like to change the directory to something less obvious (like I used to have with cPanel). What is KH's recommended method for changing the URL for phpmyadmin? (All I can find is this thread from 2008...
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    DirectAdmin SSL login quirk...

    Using the built-in Let's Encrypt, my site seems to be all "hooked up" for SSL, but when attempting to log in into DA via https, ( I get a "This Connection is not private" browser message. HOWEVER... If I try to access via http via ( it...
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    Support tickets - "passwordless access"?

    I've noticed that when entering a support ticket, there's a message on the form that says we no longer need to enter an IP for root unless if we've "opted out of passwordless access." Shouldn't this sort of thing be an "opt-in" choice? Furthermore, I don't see anywhere where we can opt out of...