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    HOWTO Create a full plesk backup

    Plesk 9 Backup Command Has Changed /usr/local/psa/bin/pleskbackup server --skip-logs --output-file=<fullpath/filename> Rod
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    Atmail Problems - Try This

    The following worked for me Below are the instructions on how to update to the latest Atmail Lite version (as of 10 December 2008) # ssh root # cd /var/www/ # rm -rf atmail ( The old release installed version in Plesk 9 ) # wget ( The URL...
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    WordPress Self-Install

    Do you use putty? This is a quick method - using wget command. "wget" If not, then 1. Create a database for your wordpress install. (Note the database name, username and password) 2. Upload the wordpress files to your domain (that you have downloaded from...