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    Is it possible to use rsync with reseller hosting? I'd like to use it with cron to make offsite backups.
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    I have tried to FXP something in from another server, using SmartFTP, but I get that error that says 500 I won't open a connection to (only to Is there a way for me to enable fxp transfers on my account?
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    open_basedir settings

    So, just signed up for a VPS yesterday, moved site, and I've been snooping around the WHM to see what magical things I can do now which I couldn't do on shared hosting. :D I remembered one php setting that I was warned about a couple of years ago when our site (which runs on mambo&smf) got...
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    VPS RAM questions now

    So I have been overtaken by a new, previously unconsidered idea to maybe try VPS instead of yet another package of shared hosting. My first thought was - but of course, VPS > shared hosting, only $20, what's the dilemma. But then someone on webhosting talk pointed out that low end VPS isn't...
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    Questions about shared hosting

    I'm looking for new shared hosting for my site. We currently use about 1.5gb space, 15-20gb monthly bandwidth. It's a mambo site with an SMF forum. Medium sized, cca 1000 members. I guess that could fit into the Web Macro plan, however it's kinda narrow, the site may grow, and I like to have...