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  1. KH-Chad

    Hello KnownHost! Goodbye Old Host!

    Welcome to KnownHost. I think you'll find your move here to be beneficial, and I think you'll find working with our support staff to be a pleasant experience.
  2. KH-Chad

    Hi Guys....I am New To KH Family

    Welcome to KnownHost. If there's anything you need help with, feel free to ask.
  3. KH-Chad

    Installing Observium

    Have you made sure that fping is actually installed on your server? If it is then you can use the which command to find the installation path, which should be used instead of the path that's in the install manual: which fping If it isnt installed then typing fping at the prompt will produce...
  4. KH-Chad

    Installing Observium

    Hi Davor, I haven't installed it personally but from the documentation installing it on a subdomain shouldn't be an issue. Are you having issues with running the update.php script for updating the database, or adding fping to the config file?