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    DNS Reset Turnaround?

    I'm asking this here instead of a ticket because I'm not 100% sure it's an issue yet. I have a number established domains pointing to my VPS. The DNS was set up months ago and prior to this weekend (When I decided it was server cleanup time) things worked fine. I wiped out the WHM accounts...
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    Google Apps Cnames?

    So I'm not so good with DNS. I'm editing the DNS settings to try to run Google Apps. Google said I need to make a cname for any subdomain I'm using (Say, 'docs' as in and make a cname for it that points to "" I've gone into WHM, clicked on Edit DNS Zone...
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    Adding PHP modules?

    Hi... Very novice question. How do I add a new PHP module? I don't know where the php.ini is. Thanks.
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    Reseller or VPS?

    Hi there! I'm looking at switching hosting providers and will be going with KH. Where I have questions is on if I want a reseller plan or a VPS. For the last few years I've been with another provider and had a single shared account there for my own personal projects. Now, when a project got...