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    Php version upgrade?

    I've recently had a client come to me with an oscommerce site that requires php 5.x and mysql 5.x It's never been an issue for me before, but is there a plan to upgrade past php 4.4.7 and mysql 4.1.22?
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    Name one thing you love about Knownhost

    Wow, someone who's been here longer than I have! I didn't think such a person existed. I like how stable KH is. I've rarely had problems with anything here. I had two previous hosts, one less-than-respected, and one that was well-respected but just seemed to go to the toilet on my server. One...
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    Starting out as a reseller

    Hello, I've been a customer for almost a week and I have to say that you guys have very good customer service and support so far. I am curious about maybe creating an area for people who are fairly new to reseller hosting. I know I could use a section like that. Thanks, Will Thompson...