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  1. Chuck Topinka

    WHM OWASP Rules for ModSecurity

    So logging in to WHM today we are getting a notice of this new recommended feature. After searching the forums here I came across this post that sounds like it is likely more trouble than it is worth: Since our only options now are to either accept the...
  2. Chuck Topinka

    Cloud Email Spam Filtering Thoughts?

    Hey everyone, TL;DR version: Anyone have any experience/recommendations on cloud spam email filtering providers such as SpamHero or MX Guardian (or others)? We've been battling different issues related to spam depending on the user. Some say we filter too much and some say we don't filter...
  3. Chuck Topinka

    POP3 vs. IMAP Recommendations

    I know pretty much everyone recommends using IMAP. I have always had a love/hate relationship with IMAP. I understand all the benefits, but two big drawbacks that I've seen have always held me back from recommending it exclusively. How do you effectively migrate email to another server or host...