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    How Knownhost maintain such a wonderful uptime?

    You have to remember that the monitoring interval is once every 5 minutes, so it's likely it doesn't usually pick up anything but extended downtime. I would prefer if hosts chose 1 minute intervals for tests (if they could afford it). Seems more honest.
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    Additional IP addresses

    I agree, three would be the perfect amount to start. But starting an account with five would mean two or three IP addresses would be unused for most clients.
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    How to update perl?

    I updated according to the server alert, and now I'm getting continuous server alerts saying a module has failed: This module is required by cPanel, and the system may not function correctly until it is installed, and functional. Below is the results of the auto-install attempt: Test Run...
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    Additional IP addresses

    You need justification for IP addresses. If you aren't going to use an IP address, you aren't supposed to be issued one. I think that's why KH chooses to assign two each initially.
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Now virtuozzo isn't working either. Looks like they are doing something.
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    FBI? "Hello agent sir, I'm calling because my server is down. Please arrest everyone at KnownHost for not breaking any federal laws whatsoever." :p
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    The server has been down for about 50 minutes now. What could cause such a widespread outage?
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    Our VPS is down too. Virtuozzo says logins are not allowed. All domains are down. Any word?
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    Domain transfer after signup

    Does KnownHost offer domain registration after signup? I would like to transfer one of my expiring domains from GoDaddy to KnownHost since it's cheaper and more convenient being on one bill.
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    Has anyone with cPanel had any luck getting the server to send alerts via AIM? I have the screenname and password set in Main >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel/WHM Setup and priorities are set in Main >> Server Contacts >> Contact Manager, but whenever a contact event happens, only email...
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    dedicated server, pleeeaaasee...

    I too would like to see KH test out the idea of dedicated servers in the future sometime because they are a reliable and pleasant group of folks to do business with. But they probably know that selling and supporting VPSs works for them, so they are sticking with what has brought them so much...
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    Which plan is perfect for a vBulletin Board?

    It speeds up PHPs performance by caching high demand scripts. Pros: Less cpu load, faster execution. Cons: Uses more memory.
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    KnownHost has answered my tickets faster than Compaq has answered questions in their live chat (no joke). You can access phpMyAdmin through cPanel ( It should be under MySQL Databases. At the bottom of that page is a little link phpMyAdmin. You should be able to access it...
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    Few question about VPS Mca

    The Virtuozzo power panel has a configurable firewall. By default its disabled, so other than that, I don't think KnownHost filters any ports except IRC.
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    Can I run this mailing list on here?

    As long as it's not unsolicited, I'm not aware of any limitations KnownHost places on emailing.
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    Virtuozzo Firewall Settings

    Anyone have any experience tweaking the firewall settings in virtuozzo's control panel that can share some tips?
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    Football anyone??

    I usually follow whatever michigan/detroit sport is winning. Now it's baseball with the Tigers!!!
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    the webhosting business-knownhost is a rolemodel

    By operating in the negative. Make people more familiar with you. Take me for instance: I operate a little service where I provide hosting, simple web design, php scripting, etc with a friend. Our services are donated to churches, missionaries, etc. While I don't intent to go into full or even...