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    spam coming from my server

    In another post i mentioned my server goes into the black at a similar time ever morning. Well, i just received a spam email saying it was mailed by my own server at that same time. Could somebody be using my server to send out spam? I don't have any accounts other than mine on WHM. Or could it...
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    noticed a few changes

    1. Virtuozzo used to run automatic backups every other day, it seems to have stopped on my account. I made a manual backup and it says i cannot make anymore.. I used to be able to make 2 full backups and a bunch of small-update-backups. 2. On the WHM Service staus page the server load says...
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    Looking at the QoS Alerts in Virtuozzo, ive recently been seeing that privvmpages is going into the black zone on a daily basis at similar times of the day. I asked support and they said its usually because: But i have have not installed anything onto the server or added any domains.. I only...
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    Acceptable Use Policy

    Is it OK if i copy some of the information from to create a page which users have to agree to before signing up? Thanks.
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    high server load

    Basily my server load is usually pretty constant unless i have a big cron job running, but ive just realised for a few hours today it was strangly high. Could this be some sort of an attack? Also, is it OK for a server to go over 1.0 or 2.0 for 2 CPUs?
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    account load

    I downloaded a script which tells me the current server load (to make some fancy graphs). Will the script show the load for my whole VPS or just the account its hosted on? Or does it depend on the script? Thanks.
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    2 resources based questions

    1. I keep seeing "Load Averages" everywhere, what are they and what do they mean? My CPU load can be running at 3% while the 3 averages are like 0.3, 0.2, 0.01. 2. WHM tells me all my cPanel accounts used disk space adds up to around 1500mb, yet Virtuozzo is telling me i have used 4500mb of...
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    Support ticket program

    Hey, I'm looking for a system just like the one they use at, except free. The main feature i wanted was it to be integrated with emails, so when sending an email to the email will get piped to the software (and presumably be stored in the database)...
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    global memory upgrade?

    Recently my VPS is consistantly using alot less memory, has everyone had a free upgrade or something? Thanks.
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    Forum catagories

    This is an idea im getting from my last host which worked really well. The forum basicly had 3 sections, the first was serious discussion about the host, much like what KH current has with forums such as pre-sales questions etc. The second section contained forums where users could help each...