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    re: 2 dedicated IPs

    KH vps plans have 2 dedicated IPs with them. Besides serving as a secondary DNS nameserver, what do you guys usually use the secondary IP address for? I mean what's the purpose of the seoncd IP address? Is it advisable to set the IP of newly created accounts to the secondary IP? Please share...
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    Lifetime Discount

    I'm interested with VPS L with a lifetime discount to cut the cost a bit but right now there's none in place. If i get a plan with KH2MONTHS promo now, would I still be eligible to avail other promo coupons that would arise? Let's say I get VPS L now and use it for 1 month. And next month...
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    VPS L ca

    I have a site that has an average of 30,000 pageviews monthly. It is just a wordpress blog. Would a VPS L plan be sufficient for my requirement? I'm expecting to gain more pageviews eventually, maybe up to 50,000 monthly at the end of the year :) and by the way, does this coupon still apply: