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    Will 768MB be enough for XenForo?

    Im my experiance, if XenForo is anything like vBulletin/IPB, 768MB RAM with cPanel should be able to hold over 100 active users at a time. In fact, i've seen forums running on shared hosting platforms with 50-70 active users. Your have no problem with your 8-20 on 768MB RAM!
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    IPv6 ?

    Hello, It's now been 4 months since this thread was opened - and there was no ETA, we are now getting very close to the estimated time when IPv4 will run out (August) and it worries me that you have no plans to develop your network to meet the needs of your clients to expand.. I love...
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    WHY KH guy is not able to login on my VPS

    I had the same issue - They were unable to connect, I changed the password twice, but they were still unable to connect. I finaly found out after the 3rd password reset - they don't like symbols! I removed the symbols from my password and they managed to get in! That might be your issue too?