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    CMS Recommendation?

    Dan - I appreciate your help. When I go to WHM - Service Configuration > Apache Configuration > Configure SUexec and PHP this is what is shown. Currrent Configuration Default PHP Version (.php files) 5 PHP 5 Handler dso PHP 4 Handler none Apache suEXEC on Alter Configuration Default...
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    CMS Recommendation?

    Dan, I would guess not, how would I check or better yet how would I install/enable SuPHP? EDIT - Found this doing a seach elsewhere: suPHP is nothing but phpsuexec in cpanel You can enable phpsuexec either using apache update in WHM or using easyapache Login to WHM as root 2. Click on...
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    CMS Recommendation?

    About to give up on joomla, too many permission/ownership problems installing modules and what not. Considering Drupal but not sure about the install process and cron jobs. Anyone recommendations for alternative cms for use on a cpanel server? Thanks GPro
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    Anyone using joomla?

    I have a site using joomla. I am having the same issues discussed in this thread: Had to remove the link since I haven't posted enough. It's a problem with ownership/permissions when componets/modules are install from the joomla backend. The new installs are owned by nobody instead of the...
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    Upgrade php

    Is the process to upgrade php to 5.2.8 the same as the tutorial dated '07? Thanks GPro
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    Help? Abuse email?

    This morning I recieved a letter from abuse for a tos violation but I really don't understand the email. It doesn't specifically say what domain is in violation just that I need to take care of the problem. I only have a couple of sites on this server, mostly run by me. I don't know what...