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    Shared files and folder/directory/file access path?

    Question 1. Shared files and folder/directory/file access path by sites hosted on different cpanel accounts. For example, some of my sites, both php and wordpress sites, use php include statements for reading various files. So I want to include the php files in a 'shared access' folder /...
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    Cron Job Setup VPS

    Hi: Just a little guidance please relating to cron jobs on my new VPS. I have a .php file that I want to be run via a cron job on the 15th day of each month. The php file, which I've used on cpanel shared accounts, downloads a file, decompresses the file, and saves the file. This is what I've...
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    VPS 2rd IP address

    Hi All: I am in the process of configuring cPanel accounts within WHM. BTW, this is my first VPS. So lots to learn :) My package is the SSD-1. It is provisioned with 2 IP addresses. So here are my questions: - What is the purpose of a 2rd IP address? -- Is the second IP address used when...
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    Support Portal Login?

    Hi KH: I am a new customer for a VPS SSD package. I received my welcome email and various details. I am able to login into the Client / Billing area using my registered username and password this link. I can see my Client #30258. However, when I try to access the Support Portal, I use my...