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    physical disk drive or cloud

    I'm not sure, but it seems that KH vps use raid 10 disk array
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    VPS Connection Speed

    not sure, may be 100mbps shared :s
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    How to backup your VPS

    from my old scenario, I'd mounting NFS disk to store backup with default cPanel backup style, but unfortunately KH VPS not support for NFS :D alternatively you can use rsync snapshot styled backup,
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    Checking VPS performance

    install htop you can monitor your cpu / mem / disk i/o performance via ssh
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    WordPress Multisite hosting questions

    I'm not sure, since WP multisite use wildcard dns (*) and then point the user defined subdomain (ex: to wordpress account named "sub", if it is not exist wordpress will lead the user to the registration page. If we create a subdomain directly in cpanel, the user defined subdomain...
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    Reselling VPS, how?

    VPS reselling is simple, when you have 3 or more VPSes, you will eligible to get discounted price for your next VPS order. Check this out
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    why not create it from cpanel cron? :s
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    Knownhost coupons?

    all active coupon is here :D
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    sending SMS texts

    I ever hear about Kannel that could be used as SMS gateway, but i am not sure whether it need or not other SMS center instrument. (www[dot]kannel[dot]org/status.shtml[/url]. To send SMS / text message basically we need SMPP sever on our vps. I am looking forward from you guys, if you succeeded...
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    Is it possible to set up VPN on your VPS?

    i hope in the next plan KH will support and allow VPN in VPS plan :) *cos I also need it to
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    Permission problem in WP

    Hi szury, I am not sure to enabling suPHP, now I am doing this: changing permission (chmod) to 755 (for directories), 644 (for files) and 666 (for .htaccess and files under themes and plugins directory). I am not sure with the security issues but I found this link...
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    How to download WHMCS?

    Yesterday I had just set up a new VPS server in KH, in this VPS I also bought WHMCS service. How do I obtain and install these whmcs on my VPS? I tried to download it from Support Helpdesk but the download link is password protected. sorry for my bad english.
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    Permission problem in WP

    Hi all KH'ers, I am new here and really newbie, I also got some problem happen to szury. what is suphp and how to solve this problem using suphp? thanks and sorry for my poor english.