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    System Usage - Meaning

    I would get a black X beside system usage even if we only have like 40% to 64% beside the System graph. Wonder what it means? There was one time, though, that the black X disappeared when I restarted mysqld. Wonder if its because my mysqld is not "optimized?" Any suggestions?
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    MySQL advice? "Losing connection"

    In one of our MySQL db (which contains forum data), I would "lose my connection." For example, when I go to phpBB to repair a table, I will suddenly the standard IE error page that the browser cannot display the webpage. Also whenever I am in the middle of the upgrade script of our SMF forum. I...
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    Website "hangs"

    Hi Paul! I have DirectAdmin, not Cpanel. Is there a way for me to enable the service manager/chkservd daemon from Direct Admin? I checked QoS Alerts, & I see some "Yellow Zone" privvmpages. Do you know what this means? Is there a way to change the MaxClients of Apache from PowerPanel or...
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    Website "hangs"

    We are on the VPS Mtx plan. We didn't change any of the default setting that was installed. We just immediately installed our forum, which is running on Simple Machines. For the past few days, our website has been "hanging" (for lack of better term). This means that whenever we type the URL in...