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    Happy Holidays

    Thanks for the Card Just received a Christmas Card from KnownHost (I am located in Canada.) It was a Pleasant surprise :) Thanks and Happy Holidays to everyone
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    plesk 8.0 or cpanel?

    I like both but.... I have been using CPANEL for years now and was curious about Plesk. I signed up with a provider that offered Plesk and after two months, I decided that CPANEL was easier for me (probably because I have used so much in the past). Plesk looks "prettier" than CPANEL does...
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    KnownHost's September Special - Win free hosting for 1 year

    Just missed it... Darn, just signed up on August 27th.... Missed the contest by that much...
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    RoundCube Mail

    I have followed these intructions before and have suiccessfully installed Round Cube (on a CPANEL server located at another provider prior to coming here) Works well If you have access to SSH on CPANEL, you...