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    Recreating a Wordpress website

    I have someone that contacted me for a Wordpress website in March but didn't get back to me about it until recently. All I did in March was create the site with the default Wordpress theme, add a few email accounts, and then I immediately back it up through CPanel (hd, sql db and forwarders). I...
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    Backing Up Through CPanel

    I have relatively small websites that I have always backed up through CPanel (home directory, MySQL and forwarders). Of late, I have been having issues with the backup sizes getting up to around 100mb and more, when they still should be around 30mb or so. I have been told that this is because...
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    Strange change in size of new install

    I created a new account and did an install of a new WordPress website a couple months ago. I'm just using one of the built-in themes and haven't added any plugins. Other than that, it just has 5 email accounts. I really didn't think anyone would even know it was there since it was a new domain...
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    redirecting www to non www

    There seems to be some misleading info out there on the best way to redirect the domains. What would be the best way to redirect to I saw the following in another host's tutorial on using the cpanel 301 redirect applet: Warning: Never create a...
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    Creating New Account

    OK, one last question for a bit...hopefully.... I have a handful of accounts (websites) on a VPS. Yesterday I created a new account to begin the process of creating another website, and it changed my AIM username to the username of the new account (domain). That seemed odd to me. Is that just a...
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    Ongoing Maintenance

    I have seen this a few times but couldn't find the thread while searching. What is not updated automatically in a CPanel VPS? What do I have to manually update on an ongoing basis? PHP? mySQL? You might want to add a good answer of this to the tutorials....
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    SSL Certificate?

    I have been wondering if I need a SSL certificate for my websites. I don't have any transactions at all, they are solely informational websites, but would setting up a cheap multi-domain SSL like Comodo's PositiveSSL Multi-Domain at namecheap allow me to secure my Wordpress logins when I login...
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    Increased attacks today....

    Anyone else seeing a significant increase in attacks today...or should I just feel special??
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    Cpanel Backups and W3 Total Cache

    I have always backed up through CPanel with no issues. I liked being able to restore immediately and on my own if needed. But due to increased traffic, I have recently had to install W3 Total Cache. While the performance has been great, now the backup sizes have become way too large and now...
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    Heavy HTTP Traffic

    First of all a little info - I have three Wordpress sites on a Cpanel/VPS - one a clients and 2 my own. I have had the client site (site A) a year and the other two (site B) 8 months and (site C) 6 months. Site A was a rebuild for a long standing domain so it has been steady traffic from gitgo...
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    Moving domain and e-mail to Knownhost CPanel VPS

    OK, I have a client hosting his website and e-mail at GoDaddy under the same domain. I have a CPanel VPS here at Knownhost. I am going to create an entirely new WordPress website for them using their old domain on a new account in my VPS here. The one issue I have, since I have previously...
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    WordPress Installs II

    OK, I hope I am going to answer this one myself, but I want to make sure I don't overlook anything. I am creating seperate accounts for each of my client websites. Since I prefer to create my websites online, I have bought a "placeholder" domain to create new client websites under. Therefore...
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    WordPress Installs

    How do most people do the domain setups for multiple WordPress websites in a VPS(completely seperate websites for seperate clients)? Do you use the MU and I would suppose one account with multiple addon domains or seperate accounts for each domain?