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    [WTS] vBulletin 4 Forum license

    Hi, I'm selling my vBulletin 4 Forum license. Price is US$130. If you're interested PM me. Thank you, Jonathan
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    Suggestion for VS1

    Hi, IMHO, VS1 has a very limited amount of RAM and disk space. 192MB doesn't appears to be a standard amount of RAM for common introductory packages in the VPS industry. My suggestion is to make the VS1 to have 256MB or 384MB of RAM and 20GB of disk space. That way it will be more usable :)...
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    KnownHost's Santa 2010 Wishlist

    Hello guys, As you know, each year KnownHost's Santa comes with very great news for us so this thread is to place our wishes. Let allow me to be the first: Daily backups for Hybrids HY1 RAM upgrade from 1536MB to 2048MB HY2 RAM upgrade from 2048MB to 2560MB Please take in account that...
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    Daily backups for Hybrid accounts

    Hi KnownHost team, I know and understand that backups are provided as a courtesy to your customer and aren't guaranteed (please correct me if I'm wrong) but I think that these backups should be performed in a daily basis and not one day yes and one day not as you're currently doing. Just a...
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    Better drives for Hybrid servers

    Hello, As we all know, KnownHost offer both top notch service and hardware, however, I think that servers that host hybrid accounts should be using a SCSI/SAS RAID10 config instead of the SATA RAID10 that is currently being used in all servers of KnownHost. Why? Well, people who hosts their...
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    More bandwidth for VPS packages

    Hello, Just to suggest that your VPS packages should have more bandwidth in the base configuration, without a la carte upgrades. Currently, your bandwidth offer is lower than competition. We all your clients will love that. Thank you, Jonathan