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    Email security

    Hi Knownhost. I have to start by saying how happy I am with your service. My site has been running with no issues since its move. I recently had somebody do a security review of my site (which is hiding behind cloud flare). The IP address is well hidden and cannot be found through conventional...
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    Force HTTPS

    Hi all, I'm after some advice from all your collective experience. What is the best way to force an SSL connection? For max security, what I would like is for any http request, to be redirected to the https equivalent? I do not want this to apply to the subdomains. I've read that some people...
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    Connecting to remote MySQL database

    I'm having issues connecting to a remote mysql instance. I've allowed remote connections on the MySQL server I'm connecting to and verified that it is working through a local sql client. My VPS (Centos/CPanel) instance however cannot connect to the server via SSH or my php scripts. I did a...