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    Since we are in CPanel forum, my understanding is cPanel will not support domainkeys not until 4th quarter of this year. Looks like they are swamped with the cPanel 11 upgrade for now.
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    EAccelerator vs XCache

    You can purchase it from Php Cache does the same as EAccelerator. Perhaps, it is even better to stay will Php Cache because it may include it as part of the pacakge for the next major version of Php. The author of Php cache is one of Php developers.
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    EAccelerator vs XCache

    You can run Litespeed + PHP Cache which is a great combination and works very well with cPanel. Litespeed, however, is not a free application.
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    Xaraya Support?

    Yes, it will definitely work because this is the CMS I am using hosted at KH.
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    Thanks, KnownHost, for making my hosting ______

    "Thanks, KnownHost for setting a VPS service here in San Jose, CA. You are a step in the right direction. There aren't many of them here. 12ms latency is just great, the servers are very fast, and I do not have to pay taxes for the service. :)"
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    EAccelerator vs XCache

    If you are in cPanel, there is a problem with XCache. You can't view the XCache GUI control panel.
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    VPS Backups

    This is a nice feature from KH to allow multiple back-ups. Something that you cannot find in most VPS providers. I tried manual back-up and my VPS says, "You have reached maximum allowed number of backups.To make new backup You should remove older one or renew it." The "New Back-up"...
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    HOWTO Remote Desktop

    What are the benefits? What are the benefits in getting a GUI when you can administer the server through a command line? Does Centos has an admin interface in GUI that will make it easier to add accounts, create domains, or mysql databases that will alleviate the need to have, say, webmin or...