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    Client needing Perl

    I have a client with legacy Perl scripts and would like to move him to a Knownhost shared package. (He's on a small budget but his current host completely trashed what should have been a simple migration from one server to another.) I just want to confirm that the current SH-1 has Perl...
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    PHP mail configuration?

    Okay - dumb-cluck question: How do I set the mail configuration for PHP for a specific domain? Right now it's reporting back that TLS isn't supported (250-STARTTLS isn't being called) and apparently using the root domain mail sender ( rather the site domain sender...
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    Fighting SEMrushBot

    I've been fighting a battle with SEMrushBot creating hundreds of over usage problems since December 4th. I never had a problem with it before.(It's possible it only found my site on December 4th but I have my doubts.) SEMrushBot hits a 403 error from an IP block while trying to directly access...
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    no 404 errors showing on missing graphics

    I'm trying to scan for missing pages and files but the error log is only showing missing scripts. (All the requests for a non-existant 'wp_admin.php' and non-existant '' show up, but not the calls for equally non-existant 'error.gif' or 'no_page.html'. The 404 page shows on the screen...
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    Updating Perl modules in 3rdparty/bin

    I can update the Perl Modules in the 5.08 basic perl install via the WHM but can't find where to update the modules for the 5.14 version in 3rdparty/bin. So if somebody can point me in the right direction I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Setting and 'index page' in a cgi-bin directory

    I've tried adding 'DirectoryIndex' in the htaccess file in 'cgi-bin/yabb2' but I'm still getting a 'forbidden' when I try to access something on the order of' . What am I missing?
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    Backups on Shared

    I'm in the process of talking a client into moving over here as their current host isn't bothering to keep usable backups even though they're being paid for. So, on shared can he get automatic backups? It's a small site but has some databases that really need to backed up weekly if not daily...
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    Need suggestions for Version Control software

    I know I need it for two related developer projects but considering how long it took me to find one that worked on my home test server, I figure I need some advice before I even think about installing anything (or more to the point, asking tech support to install anything).
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    Do I need to worry?

    At least twice a day I get an automatic notice that various IPs are on permanent block for trying to do bad things or looking for security holes. Obviously, since I'm getting notices these bad actors have been stopped, but do I need to add additional security?
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    Error logs

    I run Apache with Activestate Perl on my home machine for test and development.In that set up (the default one) Apache just keeps adding to the log until I empty it out. So in WHM, how do I increase the size of the error logs - when scanning 20000 generated URLs 300 lines doesn't cut it. On a...