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    Great news. Any chance IPv6 will be added in an unsupported state to existing VPS?
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    Any further updates on IPv6?
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    Nameserver configuration for VPS

    I used to do this. I had three DigitalOcean VPS around the world as my 2nd-4th NS. I turned all of these off and switched to BuddyNS because it integrated with cPanel using their plugin and was ultimately significantly cheaper than having multiple small VPS.
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    Backup options

    Very easy. Just configure s3cmd with your credentials and it works as expected.
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    Backup options

    I used s3cmd before cPanel baked S3 backups into WHM. It worked just fine. The sync --recurssive option is what I used. I had WHM limit the local backups and then used S3 bucket policy to automate deletion or moving to Glacier. The only issue is that I don't believe you can use the sync command...
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    Autoclose Ticket

    Just open a new ticket a reference the old ticket number. You can send emails directly to support[at]knownhost[dot]com to open tickets, they always seem to have my server information at hand when I open tickets via email.
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    Google Domains

    No interest in Google Domains. I am more than happy with DNSimple. (referral link alert)
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    Sub-domain Advice - Stop access to sub-folder directly

    In your public_html's .htaccess, put the following: RewriteRule ^(thesite/.*)$$1 [R=301,L,NC]
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    Setting Mx records using Godaddy as host

    It resolved to KH for me and I see no issues with your DNS configuration. Most likely the DNS resolvers your client machine is using are caching or your local machine is caching. I would try clearing your local DNS cache and see if that helps. For future reference, you can help prevent caching...
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    Are there any updates on IPv6 now that the West and East coast data center moves have occurred?
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    Email info on

    This is not info coming from KH. This is info coming from your DNS server and this is a setting you have created. As part of the SOA for every DNS zone, there is an admin email address. You can change this by editing the DNS zone in WHM. When you create an account, WHM defaults to using the...
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    Are altered RPMs a bad thing???? (yep... me again...)

    cPanel released a fix for this issue in version If your cPanel auto updates, it should cure this.
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    FileZilla login

    Use the root info to access WHM. From WHM, create a cPanel account for the site you will be hosting. During this process you will create a username/password for the account and that user/password will work for FTP.
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    KnownHost and backup question

    Here's what I do: Backup all sites to Amazon S3 ($0.095/GB/mth) nightly (slightly different method from Dan's tutorial), then setup your S3 bucket policy to move the files to Glacier storage ($0.01/GB/mth) after 3-5 days and to delete all backups after 14 days. This way, for a pretty low cost...
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    cPanel has added IPv6 support to the EDGE tier in version 11.40 and according to their forums, it will be pushed to other tiers in the coming weeks. Any plans for KH to add IPv6 to the service offering now that cPanel will be able to support it?
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    CloudFlare IP range

    I can't remember where I found this, but here is a script I run in cron to make sure the Pingdom probes are not blocked. I am sure this could be easily modified for Cloudflare or other services that publish their IPs publicly. #!/bin/bash # Update the pingdom firewall rules based on their feed...
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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    Dan, I highly recommend s3cmd for this. Once s3cmd is installed (they have a .rpm repo) and configured (1 minute configuration with just Access/Secret) the only command I have to run is: s3cmd sync --recursive --delete-removed /backup s3://cPanelBackups/
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    cPremote or WHMEasyBackup?

    Instead of paying for one of these solutions, I use cPanel's internal backups and then use the free s3cmd tools to sync them to Amazon's S3. s3cmd runs in a nightly cron a couple of hours after cpbackup to synchronize the local and remote backup directories.
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    Redirecting IP address to www

    Change your feature list in Packages -> Feature Manager and make sure that the feature list the account hosting your site uses is setup for a dedicated IP.
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    Billing not responding to Ticket

    Might I suggest an auto reply to billing/sales tickets that indicate the departments are not 24 hour?