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    How to be your own Dynamic DNS provider

    This is ridiculously long, so it's split up across multiple posts. You might not have a static IP at home or on the road, but your VPS does, and it can allow the rest of the net to find you wherever you are or however you're connected without having to give companies like DynDNS a single...
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    How to keep people out of private subdomains

    Ever setup a subdomain in cPanel you didn't publicize in any way, like say, or, and still find hits for it showing up in your logs from all over the world? Well surprise, surprise: cPanel's default BIND configuration allows anonymous...
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    How to catch and report fatal PHP errors

    Nobody wants production code spewing potential security hole advertisements all over their pages, so it's generally considered good practice to define your own error handler--which can send you an email or an IM whenever something breaks--and turn PHP's error reporting functionality off...
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    "accept" verb not actually accepting in Exim ACL

    What I want to do is bypass all RCPT checks for authenticated SMTP users, but continue requiring sender verification with callouts for everyone else. From what I got out of the documentation, placing accept authenticated = * at the top of the ACL should do exactly this, however Exim is...