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    Account question

    My user id and passwrd to the client side have been stolen by a business parter. I am no longer able to get into the server data on a site that I own individually and is hosted here at KH. First, how exactly could KH be duped into this and second, how can KH help me rectify the issues? Any...
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    Services Not Running

    I noticed this morning that my named, httpd, and syslog services are not running. I attempted a restart which failed. I am looking for some feedback as to what might be causing this. Also, I noticed that there are Xineted services running in the VPS. Any suggestions.
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    Running High Memory Usage

    I have stopped using spam assasin and still show 67% of memoery used. I am not very good at understanding WHM, but would really like to settle the memory usage down a bit. Any suggestions for a minimally skilled user?
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    5 Failed Log In attempts

    I had someone try and get into my server this evening. The Brute Force software caught them and notified me. I then went in and created a help ticket and we had it resolved and their IP blocked in 15 minutes. To put this in perspective, I was notified of an attack on an associates site...
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    Memory Usage

    I am continuing to try and learn the processed in WHM. I noticed this morning that my memory usage appears high. total used free shared buffers cached Mem: 327680 232032 95648 0 0 0 -/+ buffers/cache: 232032 95648 Swap...
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    Photo Upload Errors

    I am having troulne uploading photos for a slide show I am creating. I have checked all my settings in vBulletin and they seem fine. It has been suggested that I change the following on my VPS: upload_max_filesize = 5M ..and my.cnf (or my.ini for Windows systems)...
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    Ban IP Adress

    I have a user named "Stephanie" that has signed up for and spammed my forums and a number of other forums I visit with solicitations for some Buddhist site. Is there a way to ban the IP address completely fro my VPS and how would I do that?
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    tons of Spam

    In the past week, I have been getting murdered with spam. I have not set anything up yet to deter this annoying stuff. I just want some feedback on what t=other folks are doing to combat this crap.......
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    C Panel Access

    As a newbie of sorts, I have been accessing my WHM through the IP address supplied with my welcome letter. Tonight, I saw there are parked domains for my WHM, cpanel, webmail and webdisk. Am I supposed to unpark those and use those instead? signed: confused noob. LOL!
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    [SOLVED] MySQL Issues

    I moved one of my forums over the weekend to a new URL. Today I noticed I forgot to move the database, so I submitted a ticket to get feedback from KH Support on how to do this without crashing the site. Long story short, it got moved while I was at dinner and crashed. There were some issues...
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    New Guy

    Had some issues with my former host yesterday, and was referred to this service. Hope all goes well with the transition, as I have not done one before. I have my welcome email and will begin the process of setting up the WHM later this morning. It looks like the WHM has a tutorial to walk...