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    watch this funny

    Hey wath this
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    small reseller hosting How can they survive?

    The virus started from hostx with unlimited disk space and bandwidth Now host1,host2 and many other big companies are giving away unlimited (unmetered) disk space and bandwidth. This is impossible but is attracting a lot of people.:( How are those small companies or resellers going to survive?
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    How to make my two accounts seperate

    Hi I have two VPS here, Apparently with one account. The problem is that if am late paying for one the other also will go down no matter I paid for it or not. Supposing I have 5 VPS with one account and I forget to pay for one the other 4 will go down too. Not sure exactly how can...
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    let's put some more useful info here

    Guys let's work on these forums and put some useful things here. this forum can be a good place to learn many things. and here is my home I prefere to ask here rather than other places!:) what do you think?
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    knownhost want to make a phone call

    Hi guys I want to talk on the phone with one in knownhost. It is about reselling. Want to do some marketing. I need to discuss some points. when should I call ? I want to talk with administratior? please let me know here or by email thanks
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    I want to use sftp connection what should I do

    How can I sue sftp connection? do I have to send a ticket to have it enabled?
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    Backup software ?!

    Hi Guys any body knows any good free DB backup software which we can run and get your DB backup on your local machine? Thanks
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    putting one of my forums in different server

    Hi Need a little help. I want one of my folders which has a forum be hosted on different server , I have done that before but forgot what settings I should change. DNS or some thing Thanks
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    What is the best time to contact support

    Guys I know you give 24 hours support but still I want to know what time is best! Your time US where I am not sure!
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    Dedicated server Management

    Question to knownhost guys, Have been here for a long time. I feel ok here. Want to keep my vps but I have purchased a dedicated server too in my country I will keep my vps and have the dedicated server as well I need managment Do you guys provide for me or can you help me find a good...
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    is this normal upload speed?

    My internet speed now is 1.52megabits per second I am trying to upload a file into my server it is very very slow Right now I am uploading at 4.0KB/S:confused: 35 MB of file and it is already 3 hours downloading is fine uploading is just painful. I think I have to keep my computer on...
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    Knonwhost guys add photo to album please

    OK vbulletin has album now love to see some knownhost guys photo there I uploaded mine:)
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    I am sending support ticket but no autorespond

    Strange I sent 2 support ticket but I did not receive any autorespond Is there any thing wrong with your kayako?
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    about modsecurity

    what is and is it ok If I ask it to be installed in my vps? thanks
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    Any body from New York here

    Guys I have been in LA but never NY so this year I might take a trip to new york. any body from NY here?:) where to go ? what to see?
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    I need SSL recommendation

    Guys any body can recommend me easy and cheap ssl?
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    FTP question

    Hi guys I think there must be a setting I should do so I did not send a support ticket any body know why I get time out when I try to upload a 4 MB file to my server by ftp? Is there any settings?
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    Drive Warning

    Hi guys I received this warning by email Drive Warning: /dev/vzfs (/) is 81% full I go to my vps and I see I am just using 62% Any body can tell me what that drive warning mean and what I should do Thanks
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    Thank you guys

    Knownhost support team just wanted to say thanks My vps is much better now it seems it was because of those firewalls. Best Regards
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    what if I want to change my dataceneter

    hi a question that I had for a long time what If I want to change my data center will I face problems with my sites folder permissions etc..