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    LVE Manager in CloudLinux / Reseller plan, how does it work?

    I recently got a RS-3 plan, and in LVE Manager it appears that each of the accounts are essentially given the full specs of the reseller plan as available resources, would it be a good idea to not give any particular account access to the full specs? It appears in past 30 days I have had 2...
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    Outbound SMTP option on shared reseller please

    How about an option for dedicated IP, so I can very responsibly use outbound SMTP on accounts. Usually phpmail does not work well on wordpress, also messages say they were sent by which is not really white label
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    VPS vs Dedicated port speed

    Couldn't find this answered anywhere, I apologize if I missed it, but on a VPS plan, is the 100 Mbps shared with the entire node, or does the node have something greater such as a 1 Gbps port? If it is shared 100 Mbps port and everyone is set to access the entire port, is bandwidth prioritized...
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    Cores VS Threads

    I was just wondering, in contemplating the future need to upgrade to dedicated, which I would gladly stay with KnownHost, since they have been great, but on the VPS plans, they are advertised as 24+ Cores. I'm not complaining about performance, but I am a little concerned if KH is setting it...