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  1. The German

    100 Mbps limit on unmanaged KVM Cloud ??

    Looks like all other packages have the option for 1 Gbps, and according to support, the unmanaged KVM is limited to 100 Mbps?? That makes taking backup a real pain in the behind. What is the reason for this limitation??
  2. The German

    GDPR - what is KH doing as the processor?

    I have not seen anything from KH in regards to GDPR compliance - while there may not be any direct business in the EU, KH for sure is a processor for any company/individual that is storing personal data protected under GDPR on any of the KH servers (providing storage, backup etc. services makes...
  3. The German

    Paranoid or love the world? How does your csf.conf look

    Well, I admit, I may be paranoid, but my country block for csf is getting longer and longer (see below).... What do you do to keep the bad guys out and log files manageable ? CC_DENY =...
  4. The German

    ConfigServer Exploit scanner - anybody using it?

    I recently saw that configserver (provides lfd/csf) offers an exploit scanner and was wondering if anybody here is/was using it and if so, how good it works. I have many Joomla and Wordpress sites hosted and there are always a few that don't update their installations and this could help at...