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    No SpamAssassin in Cpanel

    I can't seem to get SpamAssassin to show up in cPanel. I have added a new feature list with everything check and added that list to a package, assign that package to mt site. But still I don't see no SpamAssassin icon in cPanel-11
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    Joomla Sites on VPS

    I was wondering how Joomla runs on VPS's? I have a forum that has about 1,400 members but I am also going to start building a few Joomla sites for a few people. I will add them as completely new sites with there own domain etc.. For the most part they will not be extremely busy sites.. I was...
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    Anyone running any Forums here?

    I was wondering if any clients were running any forums, and what plan you were using. I am trying to figure out if I need to upgradde my VPS-L or not. My site will have anywhere from 30-100 users at any givin time. I had 11,899 Unique visitors last month. Sometimes it's very quick and others...
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    What server am I? (How To)

    I was wondering if anyone would care to post how do you find the server you are on?:confused:
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    Direct Admin vs C/Panel

    Would I benefit anything moving from c/panel to Direct Admin? I am using the VPS-L using c/panel and was wondering if there is that much difference in resourses?
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    Anyone else go down tonight?

    DOWN at Sep 19 2006 11:42 PM (US/Eastern) UP at Sep 19 2006 11:48 PM (US/Eastern) Not long but it went down.. Could not get to the Kh site either.
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    How do I check my memory?

    i was just wondering how do I check how much memory my vps is using?
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    Glad to see vB here

    Just wanted to say glad to see KH make the move to vB.. I did have to re set my Password to sign in.. Might want to mention that to other users.. under edit profile the Additional Information (real Name) shows up multiple times.