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  1. Gimpy

    Lost KnownHost - I Has Brain Aneurysmn

    Hello, I Lost 3 Months On A Hospital. I Lost Back To My Home And Was Need To Pay KnownHost. Can I Add Back KnownHost? Number: 401771 Please Help!!! ~ Gimpy
  2. Gimpy

    Need Recommendations For SSL

    Greetings I have a couple of Managed VPS accounts here at KnownHost (cPanel) and it looks like I'll be needing SSL for a couple of eCommerce domains that need to be able to accept credit cards via Stripe or Square. I understand that SSL Certs can be had for free nowadays. Would one of these...
  3. Gimpy

    Need Some Recommendations on How To Proceed

    Greetings Friends, I have a VPS account here that hosts two domains. One of the domains ( will be changing hands and I suggested that the new owner use Knownhost for that domain. I was thinking rather than migrating to a new VPS, I might be able to move the other smaller...
  4. Gimpy

    Considering a 2nd VPS

    Greetings, I have been very happy with the performance and support I've found at Knownhost so I'm considering another VPS account. I currently have a cPanel account at another host that's on a simple shared server. That cPanel account also contains a couple of addon domains, which are mainly...
  5. Gimpy

    The SSL certificate for exim on will expire in less than 30 days

    I stated getting this notification over the weekend... The SSL certificate for exim on will expire in less than 30 days Your server's SSL certificate for exim will expire in less than 30 days. You need to install a new certificate as soon as possible. You can install a new...
  6. Gimpy

    Updating PHP 5.3.2x

    Greetings, The VPS I just started with knownhost is running PHP 5.3.22 and I noticed that there have been updates to PHP 5.3.26. Does PHP get automatically updated via yum (CentOS repos) or is there a manual process to ensure PHP is updated with the latest bug fixes? Thanks!
  7. Gimpy

    Site User With Strange Problem After the Migration to Knownhost

    Greetings, Just after the my recent migration to knownhost, one of my regular website (phpBB3 forum) users reported a problem that we can't explain and I was hoping someone here might be able to shed some light on the issue. The user's normal web surfing habit is to log in and quickly open...
  8. Gimpy

    Updating CentOS on the VPS

    Greetings, Are updates carried out automatically via scripts or is it my responsibility to keep CentOS, Apache, PHP, MYSQL and such updated with the latest security patches, maintenance releases and version updates? If it is my responsibility, would the VPS gurus recommend that I do a full...
  9. Gimpy

    Determining Resource Usage

    Greetings. I'm not sure I understand how I go about determining the amount of resources my websites are consuming, especially in terms of CPU & SQL. External storage, as well as RAM usage, is pretty obvious in the Power Panel but what about other resources? Parallels show that something like...
  10. Gimpy

    Addon Domain or Additional Account (pros & cons)?

    Greetings, It's seems to me that creating an additional account would have a higher impact on VPS resources than simply creating an addon domain. I'm wondering if the advantages of creating an additional account would be worth the resource hit. I would like to migrate over a domain from...
  11. Gimpy

    Hello Friends - New to KH and might need some help!

    Greetings! I am considering migrating from another host so I've signed up for a VPS-2 (cPanel) account with KH. I've never used a VPS but I'm an avid Linux user and have an extensive computer background so hopefully, I'll be able pick up on what is required, rather quickly. I'm glad to see...