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  1. jnicol

    Is this a small scale spam/hack attempt?

    I'm sure that like everyone else running WHM I get a cPHulk email every day or so informing me that an IP address has been blocked due to too many failed SMTP login attempts. But today these emails are arriving about every 10 minutes, each time originating from a different IP range/country...
  2. jnicol

    DDoS protection

    As a VPS noob, I'm wondering if it's worthwhile installing some sort of protection against DDoS attacks. I'm not aware of any of my sites or my client's sites having been the target of an attack before, but there's a first time for everything! My questions are: - Do other KH customers run...
  3. jnicol

    A bunch of beginner questions

    Hi all, I am new to VPS hosting, and after doing my initial WHM and server configuration I have a few questions for the community, to ensure I'm following best practices and not overlooking anything important. Apologies for cramming so many questions into one post - I thought it would be...