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    Did I Telll You The One About The Power Plant?

    Heck, while we wait, we might as well have fun. Someone break out the booze and some good jokes. Funny Unix commands: % cat “food in cans†cat: can’t open food in cans % nice man woman No manual entry for woman. % rm God rm: God nonexistent % ar t God ar: God does not exist] % ar r...
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    I've been with Knownhost for quite some time and have always been very happy. Until today. I guess all good things come to an end. Joel, you've always been delightful to do business with, as have 99.9% of your personnel, and I really hate that it is going to come to an end. But when a support...
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    I'm debating switching to a Hybrid. I'm running several servers and would most likely keep all but one on the VPS plan. But the main one has been upgraded over and over and I'm now within 5G of max. My biggest concern would be downtime. What's the switchover process?
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    HTTP Authentication and Firefox/IE

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else was having an issue with webmail/cpanel and http auth. The issue: A couple of users can't access webmail or anything CPanel related because the http auth seems to get stuck in a loop when using FF or IE. This is a fairly recent issue, occurring after a...
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    I hate it! You guys need to offer some Windows plans. If I had my way, I'd never use Windows but a new business venture is requiring a Windows box and i have to deal with these yahoos elsewhere! I could write a book on the service nightmares I've already encountered with other companies. Maybe...
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    I don't always have time to make it to the forums and have missed a lot of questions/new feature type things. I'm just wondering if it would be possible to ask about things like Installatron via a newsletter?
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    Thanks Again-Knownhost Rocks!

    The whole "out of disk space" issue today was handled wonderfully by all staff involved. From helping me trace the problem to sales, every staff member went above the call of duty to help me. I guess that's why I have five VPS with you guys but I wanted you and everyone else to know that you are...
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    FTP Headache

    I started to contact support but thought others might be having the same issue and would benefit from answers here. Since the latest WHM/Cpanel update, I am having problems connecting via ftp but it is very random. It will connect, disconnect, refuse to connect at all and I can't seem to...
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    Merry Christmas

    (I'm not politically correct lol) Merry Christmas to all the Knownhost crew and my fellow VPSers. May the new year bring you all good fortune and good health.
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    Hybrid Servers

    I started to open a ticket but I thought the answer might benefit others so I'll put it here since there's no hurry. Ok, I was just awarded a pretty big contract. (FINALLY!) I will need more space and that are inquiring as to storage also. The larger Hybrid is only 50 more a month but with...
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    I'd complain but........

    I can't find a thing to complain about or not here anyways. If you're reading this and thinking about switching to Knownhost, my advice is this: DO IT! I screwed up royally this am and deleted a very important database. I normally back up my sites before attempting any edits or deleting with...
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    One Month Evaluation

    First let me say that my use of a VPS is not for competing with hosting companies. I am a designer, both web and graphic and the VPS is more or less a bonus for my customers. I do sell hosting but only if someone asks for it. I have found it to be more of a headache than I'm willing to put up...
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    Secure cert on subdomain

    Ugh! How do you set it up?
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    Help Spammers

    I'm not new to VPS but am still in the learning process. My question is this: How do you prevent spammers from relaying their crap? I don't really want to prevent relaying totally but I would like some control over who can relay what. They aren't even using valid email addresses but it's...