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  1. sanstefano

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas! (KnownHost Santa 2015 Edition)

    Thx for the gift, guys! Made my Christmas here in Italy a bit brighter. I sincerely appreciate it!
  2. sanstefano

    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Great work as always. Very much appreciated!
  3. sanstefano

    KnownHost Santa 2014

    Ah, thanks again guys! Another pleasant surprise! Best wishes for the Holiday Season from all of us here in Santo Stefano Quisquina, Sicily, Italy!
  4. sanstefano

    KnownHost Santa 2013 - Upgraded Plans for New & Existing Customers

    Guys are working hard even on Xmas day! We sincerely appreciate that! Thanks for the surprise gift. Who would have expected to get one from a hosting company on Xmas day? Very happy I switched from OLM. Merry Christmas to the entire KH staff from your customer in Italy! Enjoy the rest of the...