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    Sales Support?

    Was wondering if Sales Support is away for the weekend? I submitted a ticket 24 hours ago (to billing which switched it to the sales department) and hadn't heard anything as of 1 this afternoon and asked if there was an update to my ticket and still nothing. Thanks
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    Redirect service help

    As I have been with KnownHost for quite some time now I would like to ask a question pertaining to something I am thinking of getting involved with. As I own a hosting business I am starting to lease game servers. Some of the games have mods and user maps that are uploaded to the game...
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    FTP Issues

    Hi All, Seems I am having trouble uploading to certain directories in sub-domains. I have tried to upload some images as well as zip files to a certain directory in a sub-domain and I am getting a "critical error" message when doing so, however I can upload the exact same files to the domain...
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    Database help

    I need some help here please. I have 3 reseller accounts from another host and I am using a billing software on all 3, the databases on each are different and I want to be able to put and merge all 3 of these into one database on my VPS. How would I go about doing this the most simplest way...
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    Hi all, Ok here is my situation/question: I am in the process of moving all of my clients now, and I have one that is basically a sub account off of one of the main reseller accounts. I want to be able to move his account over to the VPS but the way I need to set it up is an account off of...
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    Hi all, OK I know it takes awhile fro Propagation to take place and everything,, but realistically just about all my accounts previously fired up within an hour or so after registering them. However we finally got my WHM and stuff setup late yesterday afternoon and the DNS info changed from my...
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    Newbie on the Block

    Hi everyone at KnownHost, Want to take this time and say I am a new guy :eek: on the block with KnownHost, just ordered my VPS this morning and awaiting my info. I have been reselling now for 6 years and think it is time to move up from the Shared servers to a VPS, kinda stretching the net...