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    Suggestions for New Site Once you reach your 16th VPS your coupon code will be changed from 10% to 15% on all future VPS purchases and previous VPS purchased going forward. The same applies to 20% and 25%.
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    My outgoing email goes to bulk or junk folder.

    I agree hotmail causes lots of headaches, but still we can't just say it is their fault. My customers could/can send e-mail to hotmail with their old/other hosting accounts. I can send e-mail to yahoo and gmail just fine, only problem is hotmail. If anyone can send e-mail to hotmail, I would...
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    Reboot once a day. Good idea?

    Total Memory327680 kB Free Memory219908 kB Total Swap Memory0 kB Free Swap Memory0 kB System Uptime26 Days, 23 Hours and 42 Minutes When it was 256 Ram, thanks to spam assasin, i had RAM problems. Killing spam assasin and upgrading to next plan and this is the result. Hasn't been rebooted since...
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    I am not able to send email to hotmail address

    Hey Joel, I already had support tickets about this, but they couldn't really do anything either. Because problems seems to be on hotmail's side. Different IP shouldn't make difference, because I checked IPs with every blacklist I could find for a couple hours. It seems perfectly clean. I guess...
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    I am not able to send email to hotmail address

    None of my domains can send email to hotmail. Even when hotmail address sends email to to me, I can't reply it back. It doesn't even go to spam folder nor sent back. Hotmail totally ignores it and send to black hole I think. When I contacted hotmail about this issue, they did nothing other than...
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    htaccess caching

    I wished I knew a way to cache htaccess files. It is a must to use if you use CMS systems (like joomla). To make search engine friendly URLS, I use a lot of mod rewrite. If you find a way to cache it, I would love to hear about it please.
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    What do you use your VPS for?

    The Bish, depending on your registrar, you have the option of asking for a refund or name change for the domain you just bought. some of them lets you do that for only 2 days, but some let's you do that up to 1 week. Just talk with your registrar. Caleb, I use the VPS for giving web hosting...
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    System Resource Suggestions?

    Webmin (or directadmin in the worst case) should help. Also, if this is just 1 server and you don't really worry about logs too much, try disabling webalizer. I really don't want to suggest lighthttp, but you can search about it. You can stop bind (DNS server) if you can use another DNS server...
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    Suggested Books?

    That will help. and for DA, it is not just DA knowledge, but because DA uses spesific version of Mysql, Php, Apache etc. you can read on forums what are people's experience and learn from them.
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    Suggested Books?

    General knowledge about linux will help you, so you could start with some linux books which you can download for free if you just search on some search engines. Ask help if you have trouble finding, I will send you some links. If you need spesific information for your VPS, try the CentOS main...
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    They are nice and helpful. But I still miss my old hosting. I used to get yelled by him when I sent a message and asked why the service is down. I miss those days. right now, 100% uptime, very fast servers (benchmarks compare and even beat many dedicated servers I have compared), helpful and...
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    How do I access webmin panel?

    Just try the port 10000. Like (That is if it was installed with default port)
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    I think the default theme is enhanced. I use enhanced theme, and I am trying to translate it to Turkish and German, since I have a couple customers, whose native languages are Turkish and German. I couldn't really find any good themes for DirectAdmins, or I should say better themes than...
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    Plans to offer Installatron?

    It is very easy to install installatron, but I am sure KnownHost would help, if you had any problems. For VPS's it costs $15 a year for license I think and I am thinking to get 1 (Directly from the company). But if KnownHost offered, probably I would get from them.
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    Heh, so you could ask for a reboot and watch the person going there to reboot your machine and waving at you on the cam? :) I, personally don't care much about seeing where my server is, as soon as it is working like now. But, it wouldn't be too bad if I had a photo of my VPS, signed by the...
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    Direct Admin vs C/Panel

    I used Cpanel, Plesk, Directadmin. Directadmin wins my vote. It is simple but powerful enough to do what I want. and combined with SSH, it is awesome. Only problem I see with Directadmin is, there is not enough features or templates especially for foreign users. But, probably that has changed...