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    Upgrade from Legacy or not?

    Been with KH for quite some time and am on a legacy VPS3 w/3.5 MB RAM. My load avg. so far is 0.2 :-) Now I'll be hosting about 1/2 dozen WordPress sites and am wondering if it's worthwhile upgrading to the Cloud-2. My primary concern is the server crashing and as I understand it Cloud hosting...
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    I need someone to edit my Exim Configuration file.

    Not sure if this would be in KH support purview, so ... I have a vps that only hosts my domains. I would like to have any emails I send thru one of my domains to be cc'd to my gmail account. There are instructions here ...
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    How to Uninstall Softaculous?

    Been awhile since I posted here. KH tech support does such a great job. Anyway, after the upgrade of CentOS Softaculous somehow got installed. I never use these sorts of 'utilities' in that if I want to install a script, always found it better to do the install myself. Anyone know the way...
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    Getting Hammered by Bots !

    Any of you using CSF have seen these alerts: My VPS is used for less than a handful of my domains and only ONE is a live site. Well over the last couple of weeks I must have been 'hit' a thousand times. So a question ... How can I tell which domain is being attacked? Why are they doing this...
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    Script Kiddies

    Been quite a while since my last visit ( a function of the quality of KH) For the last couple of weeks CSF has been blocking maybe a dozen hits a day of either failed e-mail logins or syn floods(?) Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Use KH name servers for aVPS

    I'm going to be ordering a new vps and don't need 'private NS'. So does KH provide NS that I can use and then use the 2 that come with the vps for SSL certs and the like?
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    SOAP on shared hosting

    A client I'd like to move from my vps needs SOAP. Is it available on shared hosting?
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    Support Down?

    Hi I'm moving my clients from my VPS to their own shared hosting with KH. I just set up the first account and submitted a ticket to support (actually twice 'cause I didn't see my first ticket :rolleyes: ) Have not received the automated reply that my ticket has been received. And btw - what...
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    Linux Kernel Exploit

    As reported widely. Is this something KH is prepared to fix?
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    WHMCS Cron not running

    Been having this problem for some time. I have the default WHMCS cron job in cPanel. It used to email me the db backup but it stopped working. If I run wget it errors with: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 500 Internal Server Error...
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    Change subdomain to Primary acct & vice versa

    Anyone know how, if its possible, to do the following: I have a client that has registered the name '' which he now wants to be the primary account. Of course he has a cms running under both the subdomain and the primary. So I need to take: and somehow...
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    Where is my SpamBox?

    Was getting tons of spam and enabled SpamAssain and SpamBox and now I'm not getting the spam e-mails. But I can't find the spambox to delete them. Using Horde.
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    Joomla! Mail Settings

    //edit I recived a reply to this question on another forum that said Any feedback on this suggestion? Also since I've got the other clients tlds (net|org, etc) parked on the account, would I delete and move these as well? On a VPS I have a Joomla! install. I have a client that is using...
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    What are these files in my /tmp directory?

    I have about 50+ files that look like: sess_47804d320a001987100012030453998 Most of them are empty but a few - nobody and a client site - have random characters. Also, there are about 2 dozen dirs in /tmp that look like: rcsQR1JFQ/ Are these safe to delete and where did they come from? TIA
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    PHPList exploit

    Just thought I'd mention that if anyone installed this (maybe thru Fantastico) They should update immediately. phpBB just got their entire database hacked.
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    Can't connect to MySQL + other ?'s

    A client of mine has a small joomla site thats been working fine for a couple of months - I happened to view it a couple of days ago. Yesterday I get a ticket saying: Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL I managed to fix it by adding a new user/pwd to the...
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    Anyone else getting attacked?

    Started last nite -got about a 100 hits from various ips. Stuff like this: Occurred: Thu Jan 8 9:33:44 MST 2009 Requested URL: /roundcube/bin/msgimport User Address: User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2008120122 Firefox/3.0.5...
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    Configtest error

    Two questions really. Is there a way or an entry in http.conf that can be made so that when a new account is created in WHM either a default index.html file or an .htaccess file is created so that when you browse to the site you don't get "index of/" ? And lastly, running ...
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    Can't view site using http://67.222.x.x/

    An account that will be transferring to me once the site is built is currently live and online using their current (not mine) hosts name servers. I setup the account in WHM with the same name - '' and uploaded files to public_html. But entering http://67.222.x.x/ returns a...
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    Main Shared IP displays 'Index of /"

    The email received from KH for my new CA VPS says that is the IP to use for Shared accounts. So does WHM. But entering that into my browser displays "Index of /" rather than what I'm used to seeing which is: Great Success ! Apache is working on your cPanel® and WHM™ Server...