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    Virtualization Platform Upgrade :)
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    [Coming Soon] Client Area Revamp Preview

    Nice job, a lot of improvements there! Will we be able to create a support ticket without giving the root password each time?
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    KnownHost Santa 2014

    Thanks KnownHost for once again a nice holiday gift to all of us! Happy Holidays!!
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    Problem with Joomla on Knownhost VPS

    What control panel are you using?
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    Not sure if I understand your question correctly. The hostname should be of format It's not necessary to have the hosted on that VPS.
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    Response Ratings on Tickets

    Indeed, it's because the text of the priority "Critical (Service Down)" which is quite long. Maybe the "Type" (Issue) can be removed from the ticket view to have more space available for the priority.
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    Response Ratings on Tickets

    Being able to close our own tickets is a good suggestion indeed!
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    Upcoming Helpdesk Maintenance

    Jonathan, can you PM me the login and password to access the downloads system? Seems like I can no longer find the initial ticket where your support team provided me the details.
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    Upcoming Helpdesk Maintenance

    The 'Downloads' page is on a password protected folder? Seems like I can't access the page with my correct KnownHost login details.
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    Problem Accessing WHM or cPanel Using Win 8.1 IE

    That's strange behavior. What happens if you use or instead of the port numbers?
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    KnownHost Santa 2013 - Upgraded Plans for New & Existing Customers

    If you're on a VS2 package, you should contact Billing and ask to be switched to the VPS2 package. Your VPS2 will come with the upgraded specs.
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    KnownHost Santa 2013 - Upgraded Plans for New & Existing Customers

    Any chance to have a small upgrade on the RocketVPS plans as well? :p
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    KnownHost Santa 2013 - Upgraded Plans for New & Existing Customers

    Santa's Elves are very fast, as always... ;)
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    KnownHost Santa 2013 - Upgraded Plans for New & Existing Customers

    Thanks KnownHost for the yearly package upgrades. I just wanted to point out that the link "compare VPS Plans" on is still giving the 'old' plan specs. Happy holidays!
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    Very frustrated with Wordpress Site Transfer

    Did you assign the database user to your database and gave all privileges?
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    Scale tickets or support operator change.

    Thanks Jonathan! Don't get me wrong, I'm very satisfied with the service and uptime. However, I feel that some support operators tend to ignore tickets, while others spend a lot of time to actually fix things. Luckily, I've seen more of the latter one :)
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    Scale tickets or support operator change.

    Jonathan, You can check ticket 342131 where I asked 2 times to have the ticket escalated, which was not done. Regards
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    Scale tickets or support operator change.

    I've asked several times to escalate a ticket which was NEVER done. Support was unable to find out why there were so many open connections on my VPS, they even said everything was fine while all sites on my VPS gave a time-out. I even proved this with reports from I then...
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    Daily time outs

    Since 3 days, all domains on my VPS are giving frequent time outs, are unable to load or load very slowly. This is confirmed by host-tracker, Pingdom and Hyperspin. It seems like support can't find anything and leave my tickets without replies for hours (by then the issue is probably fixed by...
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    Updating PHP 5.3.2x

    You will have to update PHP yourself (or ask KnownHost to do this for you). The easiest way to update PHP is via EasyApache in WHM.