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  1. quantumottle

    Import/Export e-mail accounts

    In the past, I've had the option to both import or export e-mail accounts via cPanel. Here at KnownHost, I see the option to Export is not there, I only see Import. Is there a setting I can edit to enable the ability to export my e-mail accounts via cPanel or is that not permitted at KnownHost?
  2. quantumottle

    SPAMming myself

    I've heard of this problem before, but unfortunately, it's never happened to me until moving to KnownHost last month. Not sure how or why, but I'm getting dozens of spam e-mail per day with the return address being my own personal e-mail account. I'm getting almost 100 SPAM messages per day...
  3. quantumottle

    SSL Error

    I've purchased and installed an SSL cert on my primary domain however, I get the following error when I visit the URL via hhtps:// The site's security certificate is not trusted! I know the cert is good since I installed it, and it's my domain, but is there a way to prevent this error from...
  4. quantumottle

    Install SSL Certificate

    I know I need a second dedicated IP address to install an SSL certificate on my primary domain. This is probably a stupid question, but do I need to assign that new IP to the primary domain first, before activating the certificate?
  5. quantumottle

    Fully Managed VPS ?

    I signed up for a fully managed VPS package with KnownHost because I am not qualified to manage my own server yet. My concern is, there must still be something I need to do to harden / optimize my server, right? Or, does "fully managed" mean I can just go ahead and move in without concern? Are...