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    European Datacentre

    it definatly would be nice to have a European datacentre, but the only issue I can really see with it is the cost. KH wouldn't be able to offer such fantastic pricing. Everything in Europe is twice the price of that in the US. Saying that, I'd still like to see a local dc.
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    Fantastico with VPS account

    You need to enable the the feature in the default features list. If its not on the list it's not installed properly. You can find the feature editor under the packages section of the navigation.
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    howto: Upgrade ClamAV

    If your clamAV messes up because of this you can let cPanel reinstall for you. Go to WHM - cPanel - Plugins - uninstall clamav connector and then reinstall it. This will reinstall clamav for you.
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    VPS Capacity Question

    I completely agree with Josh (ppc), the entry level vps with cPanel won't leave you enough ram to really allow your client's websites to be accessed. I started out with the M plan and found that cPanel took the ram usage close to 96%. Definatly start with the next plan up if you plan to have cPanel.
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    open_basedir settings

    Hi tinat, welcome to the KnownHost family :) In a production enviroment you should do as much as you can to secure your box, specially if you have any plans to offer your space and resources to other people. Every little helps... As far as I'm aware, the configuration options that cPanel...
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    ffmpeg phpffmpeg

    To make sure you cover all your bases make sure you install the FFMPEG-Devel and the relevant rpms for the release of FFMPEG that yum installed. yum install ffmpeg-devel and you can find the rpm for the source code on dag. You will need to install both to avoid issues with the FFMPEG-PHP...
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    ffmpeg phpffmpeg

    I am currently installing ffmpeg on my own vps. I'm following a tutorial found at - "First vi /etc/yum.repos.d/dag.repo Insert [dag] name=Dag RPM Repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux baseurl=$releasever/en/$basearch/dag...
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    howto: Upgrade ClamAV

    I've noticed that cPanel's update system doesn't bother to upgrade clamAV so here is a quick upgrading guide taken from * Download the latest stable ClamAV distribution from ( * Expand the...
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    Ruby on Rails

    I personally wasn't linking the two, I was simply saying that on a VPS running cPanel is hard enough to keep stable as cPanel is a memory hog. If you were to introduce a new process which I imagen is also a resource hog you would probably run into trouble...
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    Cpanel Aug 8th update

    Your right, I'm using 11.10 (current) and have deffinatly noticed a drop in usage. Before 10.8 usage would be at 80% + idle, now its around 70%
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    Ruby on Rails

    I personally have disabled Ruby on my VPS. To be honest I wouldn't have thought a VPS would handle Ruby on Rails very well. Cpanel VPSs are hard enough to keep stable.... RoR is another process to be running... What does everybody else feel about this? Neil
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    Knownhost and CPanel logins and ports

    Good work but you might want to make one slight change, it should never been encouraged to login to WHM using the non-secure port, specially when using root. Neil
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    SSH Question...

    Just poking arround the source for the ssh client it is by default connecting to port 22. To get it to connect to port 2200 the following code needs to be added to the page. <param name="SSH.port" value="2200"> Though I've had no luck connecting to port 2200 running the java applet from...
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    Newbie in Need! All email going to Hotmail Junk folder on VPS domains

    Hi Tim, This is unfortunatly a big problem for most people. I found that SPF records did nothing for hotmail, but a slight modification to the webmail clients that I have installed under cpanel (squirrel and roundcube) you can get hotmail accepting mail. Hotmail's filters are extremely...
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    More Space and Ram, etc

    As I've suggested before, you guys need to add a Tutorial's catagory for the forums, make this a real community! It would save you guys alot of time and effort creating tutorials as more expierenced customers are likely to post things. I was a little suprised you didn't have this catagory anyway...
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    when to upgrade or add-on to your package

    I found it depends on the package, I originally signed up for the base package (Mtx) and found it was just completely unsuitable as not enough ram is offered, specially for cpanel. I was pretty much hitting 100% on the memory usage the second my vsp came online. If your hitting 85 - 90% on your...
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    Optimze MySQL or use a PHP accelerator?

    I myself arn't a fan of accelerators, caching can be problematic and pointless if your running a site with 100% dynamic content. Usually the site owners, if they know what they are doing should be optimizing the tables they are using anyway. You can setup a cronjob if you like to optimize the...
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    Security Script Question

    Well tbh I had installed pretty much everything I needed manually before I noticed this post, but have since tried many of the features. All ELS does is automate the installation so theres nothing nasty or anything that could probably go wrong with it. It also has a few uninstall and undo...
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    [MERGED] TX/CA Nodes - Complete outage?

    This is extremely strange, power panel only reports 6 seconds of downtime for my vps. Hyperspin says it was down but my personal monitoring service (a local box running opmanager, which is in the uk) reports no down time at all!
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    Forum catagories

    Sounds good, but we also really should have a how-to section too! For posting tutorials and guides to help other / new users. Neil