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    CentOS 6

    Hello I logged into WHM today and noticed it had been upgraded and is now recommending CentOS 6 (current 5.11) to make full use of new cPanel and WHM features. I haven't done much poking around yet but I noticed with CentOS 6 I can upgrade to MariaDB within WHM. What would you recommend...
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    How to prevent site being hammered?

    Around this time yesterday my forum was hammered by various ips mostly China to the point I had over 11,800 guests online. The server and forum software handled it fine but how do I prevent something like this happening again?
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    .htaccess 301 redirects

    Hello, I am trying to setup a 301 redirect and I am having no such luck with it. My url structure for my forum goes /forum/vbb/ I have noticed in webmaster tools that google has found quite a few websites that link to /forum which is giving access denied errors I tried to set up a redirect...
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    Updating Apache, PHP and MYSQL through WHM

    Hello I have had a vps for about 4 years now and the software is old and I would really like to keep it updated. I have noticed in WHM I have the options to update through there but having never done this, I am quite nervous so I would appreciate any suggestions. I run a vBulletin 4 forum...
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    Redirecting IP address to www

    Hello I have had my site hosted here for a number of years but I just noticed that if you type my ip for my domain into the browser it doesn't redirect to my domain name. Instead I am redirected to here /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi I have tried all sorts of rewrite rules in my .htaccess...
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    Would anyone on vz33-tx mind if I tried to load up one of their webpages? so I can rule out configuration of my website? I have been assigned a new ip by my ISP and now it takes a good 5 to 10mins to load up a simple css/html page yet I can access anything on secure ports just fine. It seems to...
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    VPS Logs

    Can someone tell me what logs can show me what someone whom logging in through my root password accesses on my server, e.g. whether they down load any of my files etc. I found out today someone hacked in and I was interested in finding out what they got up to in case anything else has been...