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    Out with the old, in with the new?

    Good morning, KH forum! Long time no visit, sorry. That's what happens when everything is running smooth as butter, I guess. However, last night I was downloading a client's CPanel backup (13gb) via FTP and I realized that it was taking forEVER. I started off at a download rate of about...
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    IMAP and a group email

    One of my clients is interested in testing something that I pretty much brainstormed up, but I'm hoping to get some additional insight from anyone reading this. Right now, the client has a primary mail account into which emails flow from their online store, a separate dealer ordering system...
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    Cpanel Accounts, Shared IP, and Server Configuration

    Good morning, everyone! Having passed the 1-year mark with KnownHost as well as my first dedicated server after years of shared and then VPS hosting the past couple years before coming here, I can see now where I would've done things a little differently. I'm hoping that there is a practical...
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    MySQL gremlin

    This past Friday, my dedicated server was upgraded to an SSD. A stock OS was installed on the SSD and then account restorations went next. One of the shockers was that all dedicated IP addresses were reset back to the primary IP, breaking two of my largest clients' sites. Got that sorted out...
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    Storing European User Data on USA Servers

    Can someone from KH offer insight on this for those of us who host with you, especially on things we should be made aware of as this story continues to develop insofar as our own sites or sites we host for our own clientele? Storing European User Data on USA Servers? Thanks, in advance!
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    Bug opens OPENSSH servers to brute force password attacks

    Came across this on PCWorld, and am passing along for those who are security conscious... May be limited to FreeBSD systems, which have the feature enabled by default, but...
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    PayPal upgrading SSL Certificates in 2015

    Received the following email this morning: ACTION MAY BE REQUIRED: PayPal service upgrades for merchants. [name redacted], We’re contacting our merchants with some important information in response to an industry-wide security upgrade which is not unique to PayPal. This change involves...